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Need to color match paint? Alpine Paint is at your service

Meeting design specifications are one of the most important things when it comes to redecoration. Alpine Paint can help you with one of the most complicated aspects: color matching.

Welcome to our paint supply store! Alpine Paint’s team of professionals can help you to color match paint. As you know, mismatch (even the slightest one) can bring a lot of problems, no matter if it’s about a product line or your own bedroom. Thus, it’s crucial to color match paint accurately. After all, according to the scientists, the colors influence customer behavior. Furthermore, paint color matching will help you to avoid mistakes you can make choosing a color by feel. Don’t take a chance, hire the professionals at Alpine Paint to make the right decision.

Professional paint matching service

Specialists working at Alpine Paint are experienced and provide high-quality color matching service. It’s no secret that the magic of colors is no less powerful than the magic of scents. The best way to treat your expectations is to use paint matching service. Sure, you can’t actually bring “That Very Wall” the color of which you find especially splendid, but just a little sample is enough for professionals. We are working in Silverthorne, CO; Breckenridge, CO; Frisco, CO; Copper Mountain, CO; Dillon, CO.

Paint vs. stain: when should you choose stain matching?

What makes paint so different from stain? Do I need to color match stain? Stain penetrates the surfaces, but remains aspiratory, while paint rests on top of the surface. That’s the reason why it’s better to choose stain when you need to color the wood: stain will protect its beauty, unlike paint which will hide it. However, matching wood stain isn’t any easier than matching paint color: a rich color chart is needed in both cases and samples are welcome as well. Alpine Paint company isn’t specialized only in paint color matching: stain matching services are available as well. Feel free to contact our professionals to find out more details.