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Alpine Paint Stocks Several Brands of Top-Quality Wood Lacquer

At Alpine Paint, you’ll get superior wood lacquer products which bring out the beauty of any surface. Our staff which help you choose the best solution for your project.

Wood is beautiful in its natural state but a coat of wood lacquer can really make the grain pop while offering protection from water and the elements. At Alpine Paint, we carry a wide range of wood lacquer and paint supplies for projects of all types. We’ve been serving Breckenridge County for several years and our staff has lots of experience in the paint industry.

We’ll Help You Achieve the Perfect Lacquer Finish

We only sell products from the leading brands and we’ll assist you in getting the smooth lacquer finish you desire. Whether you have a completely bare surface or you need to repair a crack in wood which was previously lacquered, we have the solutions you need. Our staff can even give you advice on how to prep and prime your base for the best results. A lacquer finish can enhance furniture, floors, decks, siding, and other wooden elements. Lacquer and varnish produce hard finishes, and we are ready to help you pick out the best option.

Lacquer vs Varnish: What’s the Difference and Which One Do I Need?

If you’ve been researching the various types of wood finishes, you’ve probably come across a discussion on lacquer vs varnish. The differences are subtle, but they are still worth mentioning since they can help you decide which product you need to buy for your project.

Both varnish and lacquer result in glossy finishes but while lacquers can be either clear or colored, varnishes are completely transparent. Varnishes usually have a semi-gloss or satin sheen finish but lacquer ranges from high gloss to ultra-matte. Finally, varnish is usually applied with a brush while lacquer, which dries more quickly, is used in a spray bottle.

If you’re still not sure where you stand on lacquer vs varnish, one of our staff members will gladly assist you. Simply call us or visit one of our stores in Silverthorne, CO or Breckenridge, CO to find out what to buy. We deliver to Frisco, Copper Mountain, Dillon, and other neighboring areas.