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Buy Superior Quality Paint Supplies in Breckenridge Colorado

Alpine Paint offers a complete selection of paint supplies to the contractors and customers in Breckenridge, CO, and Silverthorne, CO. Our lineup of products includes paints, lacquers, sprayers, and more. Alpine Paint represents top brand names in the painting business. Pick a location near you and call us for a quote.

Painting is a long and resource-consuming process that requires an extensive list of paint supplies. At Alpine Paint, we can help you successfully finish any painting project, regardless of the scale. Alpine Paint began serving the Summit County from our Breckenridge office in 2012, providing local house painters with quality paints, lacquers, sprayers, and other supplies. With over 85 combined years of industry experience, our staff offers knowledge and expertise to all skill levels, from DIY painters to professional contractors. We are committed to serving the communities of Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Frisco, Copper Mountain, and Dillon, CO.

We believe that our commercial and residential clients deserve the best service and highest quality materials. All of our vendors are well-known brands that have secured their place in the paint supplies market. As Summit County’s Signature Benjamin Moore paint dealer, we have the opportunity to get the best available prices on premium grade paints. Our company provides Summit residents with a comprehensive line of products, including paint sprayers and accessories from TriTech and C.A. Technologies, pigmented top coats made by M.L. Campbell, waterproofing and insulation solutions from Gaco Western, and other items by top-rated distributors. Take a look at our full list of paint supplies vendors and contact us for more information.

Why Use Acrylic Paint Supplies?

Acrylic paints are an immensely popular option for finishing a variety of surfaces. These are essentially plastic paints that are able to retain the freshness of their color over time. They also resist chemical decomposition quite effectively.

Acrylic house paints offer a variety of advantages over other finishing options for your home. However, it is important to choose reputable acrylic paint suppliers when using this kind of paint. Benefits of acrylic paints include

Breathable Surface

This means that acrylic paints allow water content to escape through their layers without retaining it which would damage the paint surface.

Easy Accessibility

You can source your acrylic paint supply from a local hardware store or choose a reputable company like Alpine Paint to supply it to you.

Excellent Adhesion

With quality acrylic paint supply from a reliable brand, you can be sure of excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces like masonry and wood over a long time.

Mildewn Resistant

Many varieties of acrylic paint come with excellent mildew-resistant properties.

Benefits of Using Oil Painting Supplies

Oil paints are another commonly used finishing option for a multitude of surfaces. This variety of paint comprises of color pigments used in combination with a suspender solution, like linseed oil. Oil painting supplies from some manufacturers may also use other ingredients and add-ons. 

Oil house paint has many notable advantages for which it is often preferred by homeowners.

One of the key advantages of oil paint is that it offers great coverage. When sourced from a good oil paint supplier, you can be sure the paint will get the job done in a single coat. Another great thing about oil paints is that you can easily use them on damaged or dirty surfaces. You can take a DIY approach to apply it by getting oil painting supplies from a reliable local supplier like Alpine Paint.

Our Paint Supply Store Offers Complete Solutions for Any Painting Job

Managing your unique needs is the primary goal of our paint supply store. The reason customers keep coming back to Alpine Paint is because we offer the broadest selection of paint supplies.

Our paint supply store offers everything from superior acrylic paint to wood stains and lacquers you need to complete your project. To get the job done, you’ll also need to buy brushes, sprayers, and other high-performance equipment. It doesn’t matter if you're painting an entire house or a single piece of furniture, we stock everything you need. We also offer ideal solutions for paint application issues, including paint/stain matching, paint specifications, rentals, and more. Drop by, and one of our shop assistants will help you with the selection of the perfect color.

Paint Supplies Near Me in Summit County, CO

It’s easy to google “paint supplies near me”, but it’s much harder to narrow the list down to just one store that can meet all your painting needs. Don’t worry, your search stops now – Alpine Paint has you covered. Our sales team is trained in our extensive range of products, so we can provide you with guidance every step of the way. Take advantage of the various services we offer and contact us today for a quote. Alpine Paint has two stores conveniently located on both ends of Summit County in Breckenridge and Silverthorne. We also deliver most paint supply products to Frisco, Copper Mountain, and Dillon. Long haul delivery service is available. Now that your quest for paint supplies near me is over, call us at Breckenridge (970) 423-6664 or Silverthorne (970) 368-6225.