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The Best Interior Paint in Breckenridge

Choose the right interior paint, use the best interior supplies, and get excellent results. You can buy everything for painting in our shops. Our specialists will help you make the right decisions. Alpine Paint is pleased to offer Benjamin Moore and Pratt & Lambert interior paints.

High-quality paint supplies in the hands of a professional master are a guaranteed formula for excellent results. If you want to buy truly high-quality exterior or interior paint, solvent, or other paint supplies, you have to see our vast selection. We are Alpine Paint, and we have the best interior paint brands in Colorado.

How do you choose an optimal paint? First, explore the surface that will be painted. Then, go to Alpine Paint shop in Breckenridge and Silverthorne for a consultation from one of our team members. We also service residents of Copper Mountain, Frisco, Dillon in our shops.

We Offer Many Types of Interior Paint

We offer many types of interior paint for our customers. It will be easiest for you to choose and buy the right product, if you know a lot about the properties of the various finishes.

Our most popular finish is eggshell.  This gives excellent coverage and our products are notable for the durability and scrubbability of the finish, and it will not gloss over when rubbed or touched. The painter only needs a roller or brush to apply it. Matte enamel is a best-selling type of interior paint as well. It is more durable; moreover, the enamel rarely needs retouching. Plus, it is easier to clean. Gloss paint is also one of the most common products for painting walls, but it emphasizes imperfections of the walls. Single coverage is not enough if you work with gloss paint.

Many people buy some types of interior paint with a satin finish because it produces a very soft sheen. This is perfect for walls that are regularly cleaned, but satin finish makes imperfections more apparent. If you are unable to make the wall surface perfectly smooth, it’s better to choose paints with an eggshell finish. These show less wall imperfections than satin or matte paints. Types of interior paint with semi-gloss finish are wonderful products if you want a shinier result. One advantage of semi-gloss paints is the ease of cleaning. This type of paint can conceal all imperfections.

Interior Painting Supplies For Everyone

We offer a lot of different interior painting supplies. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional painter or just a homeowner who wants to make your house look more beautiful. Alpine Paint is a warehouse with a wide variety of interior painting supplies, including brushes, rollers, and more. Everything you could wish for is in our shops in Breckenridge and Silverthorne.