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Learn How to Paint a Door

Find out how to paint a door so it looks professional and does not have the bubbling or uneven streaks.
Posted 24 March 2020

Every part of your home requires some maintenance, and this includes your front door. A painted door can chip over time, so you might find yourself needing to add touch ups now and then. However, sometimes you’re just ready for an entirely new look for your home. Painting an interior or exterior door is just the thing to do, especially if you already have high-quality paint from a good paint company lying around. Therefore, you might be wondering how to paint a door.

First, you should figure out when to paint the door. You will need to leave it open when you are painting it and when it is drying. You will want to pick a day with beautiful weather, and it should not be too hot or cold. 

Make sure it is not going to rain for the next couple of days. You need to do more than one coat, and you can expect each layer to take a few hours to dry. Starting first thing in the morning is a good idea.

Next, you will want to pick the best paint for doors. If your current paint is latex, you can paint over it. But if it is oil-based, you will need to place a primer coat on first. You can dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the door. If the paint comes off, it is latex, and if it does not come off, it is most likely oil-based.

Find Out How to Paint Interior Doors

When you are painting interior doors, you do not need to wait for the right weather. You also do not need to remove the door from its hinges. That way, you can paint the whole door at once. You can remove the lockset from the door, so you can remove each piece instead of covering the locks with masking tape.

If you have a new door, you will need to seal the surfaces. This will keep any moisture from getting into the door and making it warp. If you have a solid core veneer door or a solid wood door, this is vital. If you have a door with a hollow core, you can seal those surfaces too.

You can start by painting the panels first, but often it works best to paint the top panels and then the stiles, rails, and muntins around them. Then you can move to the next pair of panels. The best paint for interior doors will be either a latex or an oil-based interior paint.

Adding Paint Coats to Metal Doors

For metal doors, you need to take extra care when painting them. Your brush may manipulate the paint on the door and cause bubbles or uneven paint marks. You should also make sure that the old paint on the door is not an issue. A primer can help.

Using a three-inch roller is better than using a larger one when painting a metal door. This will fit better in the lines of a paneled door. But if you have a flat door, you can use a larger roller, such as four or six inches. When you are figuring out how to paint a metal door, you will want to use a degreaser on it. But be careful if the door may have lead paint. Avoid sanding a door that might have lead paint in it. If you are in doubt, you should always follow lead-safe practices for your door.

Tips on How to Paint a Garage Door

When you are figuring out how to paint a garage door, you will want to paint when the weather is good. It should not be raining out, and you will not want it to be too hot or too cold. You will need to do a little bit of preparation work before you can begin painting the door.

First, you should remove any old or flaky paint to prep the surface. This will prevent the paint from bubbling or chipping off over time. Then you can use a degreaser or a brush and cleaner to clean the surface. You should then rinse it and let it dry. Next, you should cover the edge of any hardware or windows using painter’s tape. You can place a drop cloth in the area. This will prevent any paint from staining the floor.

For painting the garage door, you will want to apply a primer to it. This will help to give your surface an even, smooth finish. It will also ensure that the paint will properly stick to the surface. You can pick out a primer that is designed for metal. It may be a liquid that you apply with a paintbrush or a spray-on type.

After applying the primer and allowing it to dry, it is time to paint the door. Many times, it only takes one coat of paint for the garage door. However, it might take more than one layer to provide the color you are looking for. This is especially true if you are painting the garage door a lighter color than the one that was on the door previously. 

Closing Thoughts

Before you paint your door, you will want to think about several things. If you are going to paint your front door, you need to have dry weather. You should think about the current paint on your door as well. A new paint job will give your house a clean, modern, and beautiful look.

If you have learned the best way to paint a door, you can look into our quality materials, paint brands, and painting equipment. Contact our company today for the best paint job.