Alpine Paint carries a wide variety of Duckback premium wood stains, deck stains, and concrete coatings.

Duckback Products is a leading manufacturer of premium wood stains, deck stains and concrete coatings. Their products are sold under the nationally recognized brand Superdeck®. Founded over twenty years ago, Superdeck stains by Duckback offer superior exterior wood stains and wood sealers that both beautify and protect wood decks, wood fences, and wood siding.

Duckback Products was founded over thirty years ago by a handful of people with a simple idea: formulate a superior exterior stain that would both beautify and protect their wood decks, siding, fences and other outdoor investments. These "Ducks" as they called themselves were committed to making extremely high quality coatings that would protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays and shed rainfall like water off a duck's back.

The Ducks shunned the stability that established businesses could provide, preferring the risk of a start-up that would allow them to create a culture founded on innovative thinking and the freedom to create new, unique products in a staid industry.

Spearheading their business with next-to-no funding and used equipment from a defunct paint company, the Ducks relied on their passion to create excellent products that would perform well in all of the varied climactic regions of their native California. From the deep snow and below-freezing temperatures of the Tahoe/Donner basin, through the wet and foggy coast lands of Northern California, to the hot and arid desert lands of Palm Springs, Duckback Products stains were designed to perform in every climate and the company's success relied on this feature.

Year after year, the products proved their performance on multi-million dollar wood sided homes and decks. Word of this performance spread quickly and the Ducks knew they were on to something.

As the company's reputation grew, so did the company, all the while maintaining its passion for excellent products and customer service. Several of the original employees still work at Duckback and continue to refer to themselves as Ducks. This group acknowledges that the varied climates of California and the strict regulatory climate that they operate in is what truly prepared them for their expansion to the rest of the country and Canada.

Today the company continues on with its culture of innovation, creativity and excellence of both products and service. Whatever your outdoor coatings needs are, Duckback has the quality products to meet and exceed them.

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