Paint Equipment Rental in Alpine Paint

Alpine Paint is the best place to go for your paint equipment rental needs. We offer quality paint sprayers, pumps, sanders, and more.

Renting paint equipment is a great option when you are faced with a one-time painting project. If you don’t expect to use painting equipment more than once, you’ll probably want to opt out of purchasing expensive gear. Along with quality paint supplies, Alpine Paint offers a wide range of tools for every stage of the painting process.

Save Money on Sprayers, Sanders, and More

The most obvious advantage of renting is, of course, affordability. Unless the painting project is long-term, the overall rental cost is usually lower than the purchase price. The highest-quality equipment can end up costing thousands, but rentals will set you back a tiny fraction of this sum.

Another surprising advantage of rentals is quality. By renting, you get access to the newest state-of-the-art equipment you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. It also makes sense to rent if the paint job requires more than one of the same item(s). Renting reduces or even eliminates storage costs and the need for maintenance expenses.

Alpine Paint offers the following equipment for rent:

  • multi-surface cleaning machines
  • air-spray guns, agitators, and filters
  • pressure washers
  • floor and deck sanders
  • airless paint sprayers, and more.

Our equipment is well-maintained and ready to use whenever you need it. Drop by one of our stores and see for yourself why customers choose Alpine Paint for all their painting projects!

The Right Tools for House Painting in Summit County, CO

Your next paint job will look better and last for years with professional paint equipment rental. Our professionally trained consultants can help you navigate through our extensive range of products and tools and pick what suits you best.

Alpine Paint’s two stores are conveniently located on both ends of Summit County in Breckenridge and Silverthorne. We do deliveries to Frisco, Copper Mountain, and Dillon. Call us today at Breckenridge (970) 423-6664 or Silverthorne (970) 368-6225 for more information on painting tool rentals.


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