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Meet a new paint supply store: Alpine Paint company. We provide high-quality professional services and offer personalized customer experience. Our services are available in Silverthorne, CO; Breckenridge, CO; Frisco, CO; Copper Mountain, CO and Dillon, CO.


We can deliver your order within Summit, Park, and Eagle Counties. Note that long haul deliveries are accessible as well.

Paint Matching

When it comes to redecoration, you need to choose some appropriate colors first. Alpine Paint has a wide range of high-quality paints to choose from. We are paint professionals and can help you with any questions you have. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s possible to match almost anything! Alpine Paint offers the Meta-Vue system for color matching. This is the most current computerized color eye matching system available.  We also have a portable color-eye system for remote matching.

Stain Matching

Stain matching process may be quite complicated even if you work with two boards of the same type. If you need to match stains, we can help you as well.

Rental Program

Need a power washer? A multi-surface machine? A paint sprayer or a floor and deck sander?  There’s no reason to buy equipment for redecoration only to abandon it later for years: just rent it! Reasonable prices, latest models and high performance are at your service.

Paint specifications

Any painting work starts with a single document – paint specifications sheet. In fact, it outlines the project in general. Paint specifications serve as a template for a project, if it’s not correct, the result may be disappointing. Ask us to write specifications for your project and save yourself time and money!

Color studio

Don’t want to entrust color or stain matching to specialists? Thinking about doing it on your own? It’s all right! We invite you to visit our Breckenridge site: you can create your own color or stain match using our color studio.

Color eye

Determining the color you need is hard even if you are standing in the store with a sample in your hand. Sometimes you can’t even bring one. Any solutions? Sure! Take advantage of our portable color eye. Alpine Paint can come to you and help determine the needed color. Contact us to clarify the details.

Color Matching

We are summit county's benjamin moore signature paint dealer, and provide summit residents with a full line of paints, stains, lacquers, sprayers and supplies. We are summit county's ultimate paint store, built by painters and paint experts with a combined 85 years of experience.


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