Learn How to Paint Roof Shingles

Find out how to pick the best type of paint for your home and what colors to consider for your roof.

Painting roof shingles can be a somewhat tricky job. There are many things that you must take into consideration before you learn how to paint roof shingles. First, you will need to use the right exterior paint, as well as proper quality tools and colors. The next thing you should consider about painting the roof shingles should be to understand what goes into each step of this process. When it comes to painting roof shingles, you should be sure to contact Alpine Paint so you can get the best exterior paint supplies. 

Alpine Paint offers all of the equipment and tools that you will need in one convenient location so you can quickly learn how to paint roof shingles and get started. Choose the right paint to ensure that the color on your roof will last as long as possible. It will also help you to get stunning results after painting the roof shingles.

Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

Maybe you have never heard of someone painting their roof, and you are wondering, “Can you paint roof shingles?” The answer is yes, and there are several reasons that someone might want to paint their roof. One reason may be that the roof is merely dull or has an uninspiring looking. A roof might also be painted to change the whole look of the house. If the style of the home is being changed, then the roof’s style may also need to be changed up. So, the answer to “Can you paint roof shingles?” is yes.

There are several benefits of changing the shingle roof color.

  • Extending the life of the roof: One of the main reasons for painting the roof may be to extend its life. You can get specialized paints that will adhere to different shingle surfaces. These paints can easily survive harsh conditions, in particular, the sun, the most significant element in a roofing’s life.
  • New look: The roof is always exposed to the sun. The shingle roof color can quickly fade, and painting the roof can make the home look better.

You will find that there are both advantages and disadvantages of painting the roof. 


Repainting is more affordable than replacing the roof. If the color or style of the roof is your main issue, then painting it will cost you less money than replacing the roof. Another benefit is that the colors can help to improve energy efficiency. The best exterior paint might be capable of reflecting the heat away from the roof. This can help you have lower energy bills during the summer months. 


The answer to “Can you paint roof shingles?” is yes. However, after painting your roof shingles, you will find that you have to maintain this more often. The roof may also fade during the aging of the roof.

How to Choose a Roof Color

You are probably wondering how to choose roof color for your house. Selecting the best color will majorly impact the appeal of your home. It is essential to pick your shingle roof color very carefully. There are four aspects that you should consider when it comes to your shingle roof color.

  • Size of your property: Some colors will make your house seem bigger, such as light colors. A smaller home may benefit from a light-colored roof.
  • The resale value of home: If you are considering selling your home in the future, then you should choose a shingle roof color that others will like.
  • Neighbors: Your home’s roof color should go well with the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. However, it should not stand out too much from other homes in the area. 
  • Other features of the exterior: You will want to consider the different features of your home before you choose the shingle roof color.

You can use the table below to help you determine the best shingle roof color for your home based on the colors you have.

House colorBest color for the roof shingles
RedBlack, green, gray, dark brown
Light grayWhite, grey, green, black, blue,
Cream or beigeBlack, blue, brown, green, gray
BrownGreen, brown, gray, blue
WhiteNearly any color, including gray, black, brown, white, green, blue
Log houses or weathered woodGreen, brown, gray, black

How Does One Spray Paint a Roof?

If you are curious about roof spray painting, then using a spray paint machine can simplify the process. This machine allows you to finish roof spray painting twice as fast as with a roller. You can use different tips on the device to spray either thin or thick liquids. Using paint equipment rental for roof spray painting can make your job safer and easier.

It is a good idea to choose a warm day for roof spray painting. This will allow the paint to dry quickly. It will also prevent any extra paint from traveling and landing on other parts. You can use sections of cardboard to protect areas that are not to be spray painted. 

Closing Thoughts 

When it comes to picking out the best exterior paint, there are many things that you need to consider. You need to choose the right color that will go with your house’s design. You will need to pick the right tools for the job and pick a nice warm day for painting. However, using the best exterior paint will give your home a modern, clean look. 

If you are thinking about painting your roof, then you can use our painting equipment, high-quality paint brands, and top materials. This will provide you with the best exterior paint job possible.